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Teaching Public Speaking and Advocacy to Attorneys


We teach public speaking to transactional lawyers, and advocacy and persuasion to litigators.

If you are an excellent presenter or seasoned trial lawyer, our techniques will fine-tune your ability to grab and hold your listeners’ attention.

If you are already proficient, but need to polish your personal style, you can boost your skills to the next level.

If you rarely have an opportunity to make speeches, and quake in fear at the thought, you can not only survive the experience, but thrive and even enjoy the challenge of speaking well as you think on your feet.

Our teaching is based on science: human factors, linguistics, gesture studies, brain research, cognitive and sports psychology. If you want to be the most confident and compelling speaker in any room, explore our website. Click on information about our books, or choose one of the three tracks on the right and watch some of our teaching videos.