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If you are on a mock trial team, or if you coach one, we have a bundle of materials for you. Many of the lawyers we know are team coaches. We created our resources by asking them what they need for mock trial training, and they responded with enthusiasm and gave us specific recommendations. The bundle below is the result.

Mock Trial Coaches’ Bundle for High School and College

Overmock-trial-training the years, we have heard from mock trial coaches from across the United States, at all levels of competition, that our book The Articulate Advocate is a valuable resource for mock trial training. We are pleased to provide a new bundle of tools for mock trial coaches to use with their teams.

Our Mock Trial Bundle includes our book The Articulate Advocate, a valuable training resource for a range of readers, including you and your students. Your mock trial arguments will improve dramatically with the tips and guidance you’ll find in this book. It’s not a book about what to say in the courtroom, but rather, how to say it persuasively so you win! It answers common questions, such as what do you do with your hands, how do you keep yourself from talking too quickly, how do you channel your adrenaline buzz, and more. Most importantly, this book will teach you techniques that will allow you to remember with confidence what to say to the judge, the jury, and the witnesses.

The bundle includes:

  • The Articulate Advocate: New Techniques of Persuasion for Trial Lawyers – Coaches will receive one print copy of our book (192 pages).
  • Mock Trial Student Practice Guide – A summarized version of the “How to Practice” chapter from the book The Articulate Advocate, this practice guide is written specifically for mock trial students. We will send you an electronic file to share with your team (13 pages).
  • The Articulate Advocate: Speaking Persuasively, Thinking on Your Feet – This two-page handout teaches mock trial students how to coordinate their bodies, brains, and voices to become more polished speakers – all in a simple, bulleted list.
  • The Articulate Advocate: Video Review Checklist – This valuable tool is a two-page checklist of things to look for when reviewing video of a mock trial performance. Students and coaches can use this checklist to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.
  • The Articulate Witness: Mock Trial Tips – This two-page handout includes tips for mock trial students in the witness role.
  • Training Videos – You will have online access to Brian Johnson’s hour-long courtroom communication skills lecture that corresponds with the four chapters in the book to share with your team. In addition, your team can view shorter (four- to ten-minute) how-to videos that target specific courtroom skills: opening statement, direct examination, cross examination, and closing argument.

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Download a free mock trial handout here: Persuasive Style for Mock Trial


Video: watch Brian Johnson’s video, Three Mantras for Speaking Persuasively