Mock Trial Training for Students and Coaches

The Articulate Advocate is valuable mock trial training resource for a range of readers, including mock trial students and coaches. Your mock trial arguments will improve dramatically with the tips and guidance you’ll find in this book. It’s not a book about what to say in the courtroom, but rather, how to say it persuasively so you win! It answers common questions, such as what do you do with your hands, how do you keep yourself from talking too quickly, how do you channel your adrenaline buzz, and more. Most importantly, this book will teach you techniques that will allow you to remember with confidence what to say to the judge, the jury, and the witnesses.


NOW AVAILABLE: The Mock Trial Coach’s Bundle


Bundle-graphic250_2Over the years, we have heard from mock trial coaches across the United States, at all levels of competition, that The Articulate Advocate is a valuable resource for their teams. Based on this feedback, we put together a bundle of resources for mock trial coaches to help their teams become more polished and persuasive communicators. The bundle includes a print copy of the book The Articulate Advocate; a Student Practice Guide written specifically for mock trial students; a handy bulleted list of tips on how to speak persuasively and think on your feet; a video review checklist to aid in reviewing videos of students; a list of tips for mock trial students in the witness role; and online access to over an hour and a half of training videos. Click here for more details!

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