Our upcoming June Articulate Advocate NITA program is sold out, but if you are looking for something unique, there is a new program in Boulder that promises to be outstanding. We have watched A Witness Examination Boot Camp evolve over the last several years at the NITA National program. Now it is a stand-alone program of drills that will solidify your examination technique so you are always in control. We only wish we could be there to watch it unfold!

Our long-time colleagues Michael A. Kelly and Ben B. Rubinowitz will present this program for experienced trial lawyers. Here is the description from NITA’s web site: “[The] Witness Examination Boot Camp is a rapid-fire, three-day program that  focuses on direct and cross-examination of trial witnesses, including impeachment and expert witness variations. NITA’s groundbreaking “learning by doing” method ensures you’ll master new skills you never even knew you were missing. You’ll learn not only how to formulate great questions on the spot through muscle memory, but also how to think quickly and effectively on your feet—and the investment you’ve made over just a few days’ time will pay off the instant you step back inside the courtroom.”

This is a new program that is only being offered once this year and space is limited to 24 participants. Visit NITA’s web site to register.

Conversation as Presentation

Illustration from “The Articulate Witness: An Illustrated Guide to Testifying Confidently Under Oath,” Johnson and Hunter, 2015.